The Delta Plus IT team is committed to providing an excellent customer experience and an outstanding service.

When we needed onsite service in our server room, we asked Delta Plus IT for help. They were responsive to our request and listened carefully to our needs.

Robert Moss and his team remained flexible to our schedules and amenable to our requests.

They procured the needed equipment and completed the work required in a timely and efficient manner.

Polite, pleasant and competent, Delta Plus IT is a team we will happily use again when we need assistance.

Jay T. Sunderwala, PE.

Principal Engineer – Ninyo & Moore

I have known Robert Moss for a while, so when we needed to fill an IT position I was interested to listen to his proposal for Technology Services. Delta Plus IT provides us with seamless management across all of our platforms; monitoring, patching and maintaining our servers and workstations. Their security agents keep our systems clean and the DNS Protection keeps our users away from bad and compromised websites. Our move to Azure and Sharepoint Online helps us work much more efficiently with both clients and employees, improving the collaboration experience for all.

When we were forced to “work from home” the Delta Plus IT team helped manage the move, providing secure access to our network in a short timeline and with relatively little pain. If you are looking for a technology support firm that is genuinely interested in your company’s future, you will be well served by the Delta Plus IT team.

Jeffrey Markovich, PE.

President – Paton Engineers and Constructors, INC

Delta Plus IT is one of the best service providers our organization has had the pleasure of using. They act as our in-house IT department and understand the needs and budgetary constraints of a small business. Rob and his team provide excellent IT service and are always accessible by email, message or phone, regardless of the situation.

Delta Plus IT provided us with a comprehensive analysis of how to address our needs within a price structure we could work with. This included linking our local network to the cloud to allow synchronization of data and ease of maintenance, while ensuring security at both ends. They also provided the development of remote access procedures to work from home, standards & processes for our workstations to reduce time and costs involved in maintenance, along with reliable backup for all local network data.

We have been a happy client of Delta Plus IT for the past three years and plan on staying with them for a very long time! When it comes to IT support, Rob and his team offer a really pro-active and complete solution.

Bonnie Moss, PE.

President – MBCO Engineering, LLC

As an SMB owner it is super important to have great, quality and reliable IT support. It’s our very good fortune to know that we can count on Rob Moss at Delta Plus IT and his Team for all of our IT needs big or small.

They provide awesome service support, are always punctual, courteous and most of all highly knowledgable about programming and set up of systems, computer hardware/software for devices and especially servers.

We appreciate DeltaPlus IT for their past support and value their thoughtful computing advice. The TMV Tax Team highly and wholly recommends Rob Moss at DeltaPlus IT!

Tonya Fusco, CEO

TMV Tax & Bookkeeping, LLC