The Delta Plus IT team is committed to providing an excellent customer experience and an outstanding service.

Robert Moss


A veteran of Oil and Gas Technology Services provided in Europe, Africa, the Middle East and America, Robert is also a seasoned business owner who understands how modern technologies can help commercial enterprises immensely.

Robert brings to the table a solid knowledge of the daily business processes, and a desire to help companies integrate the available technologies into these processes, liberating the greater efficiencies and cooperation that they allow.

When he is not working, Robert can be found enjoying activities with his children, at the rifle range, or working on projects around the house.

Oscar Matos


Currently studying for a Bachelors degree in Computer Science, Oscar brings to the team a keen intellect, a solid understanding of hardware and a determination to complete his work successfully.

Oscar is a competent technician and pleasant, polite and professional to boot.

In his free time, Oscar enjoys working with his father on projects and gaming.